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Beginning as Josh Stewart’s website to distribute the Static series alongside various other indie skateboard videos from his friends around the world, Theories of Atlantis has since expanded into a distribution company under the same name which is home to Polar, Hopps, Traffic, Isle, Magenta and Traffic in the United States. Occasionally producing t-shirts over the years and following on from rounding off the series in 2014 with Static IV, Stewart has since been able to dedicate more time towards his distribution company with a notable result being developing Theories into a brand itself.

Despite considering that “It wasn’t thought through well.” in regards to the name as confusion arises between the distribution and brand, Theories soft goods are all incredibly well conceived with each garment having a story behind it. Unafraid to delve into history’s controversial or just plain convoluted conspiracy theories for the brands imagery has allowed Stewart and designer Pat Stiener to explore a depth of intriguing stories such as the Solway Space Man and Kennedy assassination along with mixing in obscure yet decipherable pop culture references. Theories eye catching and simple designs along with well considered materials result in soft goods that never disappoint thanks to Stewart and Steiner’s attention to detail.

“Order out of chaos.”


Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, United States.


Website: theoriesofatlantis.com

Instagram: @theoriesbrand / @toadistribution / @mystaticlife