About Us: European clothing and hardware distribution. 100% skater owned and operated. Keen Dist. is based in Oxford, England and works with brands from across the world to specialise in their UK distribution.

Our Brands Include : Dank, Descent Skateboards, Hopps, Lovenskate, Modus, Pass~Port, Picture, Polar Skate Co, Quasi, RIPNDIP, The National Skateboard Co, Theories, Transportation Unit, Wayward Wheels & Welcome Skateboards.

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Cons’ “The Dream Spell” Video

With Chrystie NYC’s Alexis Sablone and Kaue Cossa, Quasi pro Jake Johnson and a whole heap of other legends from De Keyser to Delatorre, the CONS team tear it up in Mexico.

The Skate Witches’ “Portal to Malmö” Video

With Orbs rider Breana Geering, the UK’s Helena Long and Rianne Evans, Chrystie legend Alexis Sablone, Una Farrar and more.

Converse CONS Welcome Alexis Sablone

Converse CONS have brought Chrystie NYC rider Alexis Sablone on board for 2019 with this raw New York-based welcome clip.

Converse CONS: Calango

This past September the Cons Team rounded up a crew and set out on an acai fueled journey through Salvador, Goiania, Brasilia and Sao Paulo, enjoy! Filmed and Edited By: James Cruickshank andBen Chadourne, featuring: Chrystie NYC’s Aaron Herrington and Kauê Cossa alongside Raney Beres, Kenny Anderson, Mike Anderson, Brian Delatorre, Milton Martinez, Henrique Crobelatti, Felipe Oliveira, Victor Süssekind, Renato Souza and Biano Bianchin.

Rough Cut: Studio’s “Lately” Video

Chrystie NYC rider Brett Weinstein has a whole load of crusty rare spot gold in the rough cut of Studio’s latest video.

Rough Cut: WKND’s “Sir Palmer” Video

Modus Bearings rider Al Schmidt and Chrystie NYC’s Alexis Sablone feature alongside their fellow WKND skateboards shredders in the rough cut of their recent video.