About Us: European clothing and hardware distribution. 100% skater owned and operated. Keen Dist. is based in Oxford, England and works with brands from across the world to specialise in their UK distribution.

Our Brands Include : Dank, Descent Skateboards, Hopps, Lovenskate, Modus, Pass~Port, Picture, Polar Skate Co, Quasi, RIPNDIP, The National Skateboard Co, Theories, Transportation Unit, Wayward Wheels & Welcome Skateboards.

Keen Dist. Unit 9 Lakeside Industrial Estate, Stanton Harcourt, Witney, OX29 5SL, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1865 236872 | sales@keendist.co.uk


Rough Cut: Josh Wilson’s “Mother” Part

Josh attacks East Coast ‘crete with power and finesse. He put in some serious work for his MOTHER part – witness the behind the scenes action here.

Rough Cut: Justin Henry’s “Mother” Part

Stylish, smooth, but ain’t afraid to go for broke—Justin cranked up the dial while filming for the Quasi vid and the outcome was sublime. Here’s a glimpse into how it all came to be.

Dickies Skateboarding : Palm Springs Vacation

With Quasi pro Jake Johnson alongside Peter Hewitt, Vincent Alvarez, Jake Hayes and more.

Out There: Gilbert Crockett

Gilbert weighs in on his formula for sanity, balancing inspirations, and why he chooses to stay rooted in Richmond, Virginia.

Gilbert Crockett’s “Mother” Part

Gilbert Crockett layed down an unforgettable closing part in Mother. Now you can dip into it instantly to revisit this classic curtains section!

Jake Johnson and Al Davis’ “Mother” Part

No soundtrack, just the sights and sounds of two comrades creating majestic moments on their skateboards.