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Welcome Skateboards

There needs to be smoking

A feel-good homie edit out of LA with tons of great Ryan Lay and Nelly Morville footy!

Welcome Skateboards “American Goure Story” Video

The delightful new 10 minute video from the whole Welcome team, finishing things out with a full part from new pro Aaron Goure. With Ryan Lay, Will Blaty, D-Vargs and many more old and new faces, this one is truly a feel-good banger! Edited by Richie Valdez.

Ace Trucks – ‘TURN RIGHT’

Plenty of good footy from Welcome Skateboard’s man in France: Noah Mahieu alongside Ibu Sanyang, Rémy Taveira, Luis Aponte, Lucien Genand, Lilian Fev, Edouard Depaz, Amélien Foures, Jérôme Sossou, Adrien Chabiron, PJ Chapuis, Charlie Birch, Tom Belot Tom Belot, Samuel Norgen, Alex Richard, Adrian Fuentes, Paul Austin, Santiago Sasson, Harry Lintell, Joseph Biais, Patrick Franklin, Cambrayan Sidelick, Tolya Titaev, Andrea Dupre and Victor Campillo. Filmed and edited by Thomas Vigoureux and Luc Mazières.

JENKEM – The Earthers – Exploring Crust in Detroit

Welcome pro Ryan Townley joins OJ wheels teammates Kevin Braun, Pat Galloway and friends on a Google Earth-based spot scouring and testing in the crusty forgotten industrial lands of Detroit, Michigan.

COLD CALL: Nora Vasconcellos

Nora gets her gang back together in CA after lockdown for a long-missed proper session, hitting barriers by the beach and battling banks with her friends Nicole Hause and Sheezy.

Scorched Orbs – Orbs Team in Las Vegas

Featuring: Corey Duffell, Aaron Goure, Shawn Hale, Travis Harrison, Mitch Haight, Kevin Pierre-Louis, Jon Pierce, Zach Taverrite, and Laird Brunson.