About Us: We’re a European clothing and hardware distribution. 100% skater owned and operated. Keen Dist is based in Oxford, UK and works with brands from across the world to specialise in their UK distribution. Our Brands: Bronze, Dancer, Evisen, Frog Skateboards, G-Tool, Ganj Wax, GX1000, Hockey, Jessups, Last Resort, Modus, Orbs, Pass~Port, Picture, Polar Skate Co, Quartersnacks, Quasi, Ripcare, RIPNDIP, Skateboard Cafe, Sk8ology, Wayward Wheels, & Welcome Skateboards.
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Latest News

Free Jazz Co Welcome Phil Marshall

a short but sweet part from the always flavourful Melbourne-based Modus and Picture rider, for Ozzie board brand Free Jazz Co.

Andrew “It’s Fine”

Rezza, Elijah, Grady and more of Florida’s finest mix it up in Miami for Andrew.

Corinium – Decimal Skate Store

In this day and age it’s refreshing and commendable to see a bricks’ and-mortar UK store bring out a full length shop team video. Decimal have done just that with James Harris behind the lens and tons of ripping all over Gloucestershire.¬†Featuring Cirencester based skateboarding from Scott Whittaker, Andy Coleman, Riccardo Hillier, Ed Russell, Salvatore Iannetelli, Callum Croft, Ty Sackey, Tom Gill, Ollie Trott, Chris Jenkyn-Watkins, and Gaz Parsons.

Jasper Pegg in Drug Store – LAVENGRO

East Anglia Powerhouse.

Nick Matthews’ “Venture X Uprise” Part

Chicago’s Quasi and Jessup connection Nick Matthews has a powerful new part for Venture and Uprise Skateshop.


An amazing full length out of Dallas, Texas with a memorable closing part from Jessup rider Keegan McCutcheon.