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Putting the Tea in Team – Lovenskate and Carhartt in India

Click through to the Free Mag site to watch the recent Lovenskate & Carhartt India trip.

New Lovenskate Summer 2016 collection hitting stores now.


Craft is NOT confined to Nana’s knitting bag.

Craft IS eye of newt, toe of frog…

Craft is NOT expensive.

Craft IS ‘what you put in, you get out’.

Craft is NOT just for christmas.

Craft IS respect for materials.

Craft is NOT ‘push button for instant gratification’.

Craft IS vale la pena.

Craft is NOT as quick and as cheap as possible.

Craft IS busy right now, but will get back to you ASAP.

Craft is NOT just for kids.

Craft IS thinking with your hands and your head

Craft is NOT giving up, until it’s done.

Craft IS creativity x knowledge = value.

Craft is NOT a dirty word.

A retrospective of hand screened skateboards, offering a sneak peek into the inky world of Lovenskate and their London studio.’

To accompany this collection there will be a selection of original Lovenskate artwork by illustrators Paul ParkerFrenchJames CallahanGraham Mitchell, and more. We also have a BrewDog beer sponsor for the evening!!! 

Catherine Roux of Craft Magazine sums it up perfectly, ‘Craft has never been more important than now, as an antidote to mass production and as a practice in which the very time is takes to produce an object becomes part of its value in a world that often moves too fast’.

59 Hackney Rd, 
E2 7NX


Unsung – Lovenskate, Satta & A Third Foot

The second in the Unsung series focuses on three independent UK-based skate companies doing things their own way, for the love of it. Stuart Smith from Lovenskate, Joe Lauder from Satta and Ken Gear from A Third Foot show you around their work spaces and give you a little insight into what drives them to do what they do.

Lovenskate H15 decks

The new Holiday 2015 collection from Lovenskate has landed in the UK.
With all new board graphics from Lovenskate & guest artist James Callahan of Barf Comics. You will find the new Hang Loose graphics, two new breakfast themed boards, the Gingham pattern ties them together, and this is done in a very special way! It is a printed wood-stain, screen printed directly to the laminate before pressing at Pennswood. This is so rad on so many levels! Not only in a nerdy screen print / board production way, but mainly, because when you slide the graphics off, the tablecloth will remain!
GENIUS I hear you cry… all part of your Lovenskate dining experience.